Milan Ring

The concepts of duality (Ying & Yang), spirituality and personal evolution are a constant source of inspiration to Milan’s artistry, as is the influence of her environment. From the sparkling city of Angels to humble Australian outback bedroom beats, her music is a rendezvous between polarities, laced with spiced Caribbean rhythms.

Directing each and every aspect of the creative process, from the first chord struck on the guitar to the final master, Milan is able to bring in all of her contrasting influences to shape a sound that is distinctly her own. This one woman powerhouse is perfectly illustrated to us in her live show, stepping out solo, creating loops, dropping beats, triggering samples all whilst effortlessly leading with the guitar and engaging us with her honest & unique vocal.

She has worked toward independence, informing her business direction and releasing all of her own music through her label MXMAY. May this year saw her release ‘Venus Fly Trap’ a visual beat tape which reminded us that she holds her own as a producer and engineer. Milan will be blessing us with her voice soon though, following VFT with a stream of singles and shows.

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