Melbourne five-piece Gamjee are made up of Jack Summers, James Morris, Sam Harding, Lily Harding and her twin brother Miles Harding. With hardwired guitars, hiccuping grooves and spluttering synthesisers, Gamjee swing their angular pop/garage songs off their backs and unravel them to sing in a beaming and wobbly celebration.

After self releasing their debut EP ‘Crooked’ in May 2018, Gamjee were busy playing various shows around Melbourne and Sydney. They had the opportunity to support the likes of Kikagaku Moyo, and tour with Stonefield. 

Gamjee began writing new material, which strayed away from their psych and garage rock past times, their debut albu ‘‘Legacy Project’ is a sharp turn in a warmly welcomed direction for the band. The sometimes erratic and often quirky pop rock presented in this new release celebrates the simplicity of daily life, while having a tongue in cheek criticism on the self and negative ego. 

‘Legacy Project’ is a dense record, through its songwriting, instrumentation and production. Lily and Sam Harding propel the songs with their often side-by-side vocals, chanting lyrics that have a more personal voice compared to the band’s previous releases. Jack Summers can also be heard with his insightful spoken word on ‘Guessing Window’, which portrays a mono tonal outlook on a melancholic narrative, a true highlight.

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