Bones and Jones

Bones and Jones are 5 Geelong/Ocean Grove expats who split their time between worshiping 60’s gems and writing 60’s gems. The gang grew up on the Surf-coast and have spent more than their share of time in the surf and in the garage. Bones and Jones garner the same scratchy exterior that makes 60’s-period garage rock so enticing but manage to cover a similar spectrum of emotion that made bands like The Kinks & The Rolling Stones so sought after.

After spending much of 2017 focusing on their 60’s garage rock influenced LP, ‘Living Given’, Bones and Jones have come out with a fresher rock sound on their latest single ‘Social Anxiety’, accompanied by B side ‘Baggy Frown’. The music expels the band’s love for the raw sounds of later Beatles albums, this influence being a huge contributor to the music on the single.

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