Whether you’re keen to make a home among the gum trees, are looking for a fully self-contained cottage or want somewhere cosy to fit the whole family, Halls Gap has plenty of options!

Camping made easy

3 nights for just $36 per person

We’ve teamed up with the lush Halls Gap Gardens Caravan Park to provide affordable and accessible camping for those joining us at GMF. To book, just add camping at the end of your ticket purchase!

Add a KarTent for $100

KarTents are an environmentally friendly option if you don’t want to bring a tent or, more importantly, pack one down when you’re heading home. Made from 100% water resistant cardboard, it allows for easy recycling of the tent. After the festival, the tent can go directly to the paper recycling industry so that they can re-use your tent to make toilet paper, books, shoe boxes or other romantic things!

You can also add a KarTent sleeping kit for an extra $75 +BF so you turn up to an inflated mattress and sleeping bag ready to go.

To book one, add it to your ticket cart during your purchase!

Other places to stay in and around Halls Gap