GMF lowers its environmental footprint to leave the Grampians pristine

Grampians Music Festival will lower its environmental footprint by initiating a range of actions including asking vendors to use recyclable food utensils and banning the sale of bottled water.

GMF Director Carly Flecknoe said the committee was keen to ensure the festival left as small an environmental mark as possible given it’s held in such an incredible natural location, the Grampians National Park.

Carly said GMF would have a recycling station where attendees can trade recyclables (either those they’ve purchased or those they’ve found on the ground) for a drink voucher, thereby encouraging recycling and helping clean up the site at 7 Valley Drive, Halls Gap.

“The Grampians National Park is a pristine natural environment and we’re really keen to make sure we leave it that way,” she said.

“The committee is passionate about caring for our very special environment, and we know that’s important to our customers too, so we’ve ensured our food and drink vendors stick by our principles by writing specific conditions into their agreements.

All of our bars and food vendors will only be using environmentally friendly and recyclable cups, plates, napkins and utensils, and they won’t be allowed to sell bottled water, which is a huge problem for our waste system.”

Carly said other GMF’s other environmental initiatives include:

  • A BYO water bottle policy for attendees, with free water refills from stations around the festival grounds;
  • The Festival Program available only in electronic form, negating the need for unnecessary printing;
  • The Green Team on duty all weekend – a team of roving volunteers who’ll make sure rubbish is picked up and sorted as they go;
  • Offering festival accommodation in recyclable cardboard tents from KarTent; and,
  • A designated smoking zone so that cigarette butts are captured and disposed of properly, not left on the ground. The rest of the festival grounds will be strictly no smoking with security policing this.

“We’re really excited for the 2018 festival and our environmental initiatives will help our attendees and vendors really get in the spirit of what it means to attend a festival in such a beautiful, natural location,” Carly said.

GMF’s 2018 line-up was announced in October, attracting the attention of some of the industry’s hard hitters, including Triple J, for the fantastic range of up-and-coming talent it has secured. Check out the full line-up and other festival details at . Tickets can be purchased at .

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